Castle Pool UAE : Weekly Pool Maintenance

Backwashing the Filter
Your sand filter should be backwashed at least once a week to ensure proper filtration, to
maintain clarity of the water and to help remove bacteria from the filter media. In ordeto backwash your filter:

1. Turn power to the pump off. (This must ALWAYS be done first.)
2. Turn the multi-port valve setting to Backwash. (If you have a valve on your
Backwash/Waste line you should open this valve before backwashing your filter3. Turn power to the pump back on. The site glass on the filter will become cloud
Let the pump run until the site glass has had an opportunity to become mostly
clear again, usually 1 to 2 minutes.
4. Turn power to the pump off.
5. Turn the multi-port valve setting to Rinse. Turn the power to the pump back on
and let the pump and filter run on rinse for approximately 30 to 40 seconds.
6. Turn the power to the pump off.
7. Return the multi-port valve setting to Filter. Turn the power to the pump back
on. (If you opened a valve on your Backwash/Waste line to backwash your filmake sure to close it back when you are done.)
Taking Water out of the Pool (Wasting Water from Pool)
rom time to time after a rain storm or if your water level is high in the pool, you mayfind it necessary to take water out of the pool (also known as wasting water from the
pool). To waste water from your pool follow these directions.

1. Turn power to the pump off.
2. If you have a backwash/waste valve open this valve now.
3. Press down and turn the multi-port valve from filter to waste
4. Turn power to the pump back on and let run until the water is at the proper level.
Never leave the pool unattended during this time period to prevent from draining
too much water from your pool. When the water is at the proper level…
5. Turn the power to the pump off. Close the backwash/waste valve.
6. Press down and turn the multi-port valve back to filter.
7. Turn the power to your pump back on.


castle plus maintenance llc

 Pool Maintenance Tips
     “Winterize Your Pool”
Where you live determines whether or not you should winterize your pool. If your location experiences temperatures that drop below freezing, you’ll need to take steps to ensure that your pool stays healthy. Residual pool water left in pipes can freeze and cause damage. To prevent this from happening, use an air compressor to blow water out of the pool’s plumbing when swimming season is over. Also, drain as much water as possible from the filter and heater. Any remaining water can be eliminated using nontoxic antifreeze (caution: this is different from antifreeze for vehicles). Disconnect the heater, pump and chemical feeders, the latter of which should be cleaned and stored.
Finally, clean the pool: skim, brush walls, vacuum, empty skimmer baskets, close skimmer line valve, lower water level to approximately 18 inches (45 centimeters) below the coping and supercholorinate. Lastly, cover the pool to keep out debris.
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